Twitter for Mac updated to 2.1

Today Twitter released a much needed update to Twitter for Mac. Lots of small goodies that will make using the application nicer. The list provided in the appstore

  • Multi-window support
  • Username and hashtag autocomplete
  • New window design
  • New user profile design
  • New Message conversation design
  • Improved display of links
  • Font size preferences
  • AppleScript support
  • Sticky Live Stream preferences
  • Developer Console
  • Performance improvements, enhancements and bug fixes

Sadly the release announcement provided by Twitter doesn’t go into details about the Apple Script. Little know fact; you can view the dictionary of an application via the AppleScript Editor. So for those that are curious, here’s the list

Twitter Suite Twitter specific classes and commands.

application n : The application’s top-level scripting object.


contains windows, accounts, username autocompletes.


name (text, r/o) : The name of the application.

frontmost (boolean, r/o) : Is this the frontmost (active) application?

version (text, r/o) : The version of the application.

current account (account, r/o) : The currently selected account.

responds to

, print, quit.

username autocompleten : User autocomplete item.


contained by application.


username (text, r/o) : Username.

full name (text, r/o) : Full name.

image URL (text, r/o) : Image URL.

accountn : Represents a signed-in account.


contained by application.


username (text, r/o) : Username for the account.

name (text, r/o) : Username for the account.

user (user, r/o) : User for the account.

home timeline (stream, r/o) : Home timeline of the account.

mentions timeline (stream, r/o) : Mentions timeline of the account.

usern : Represents a user.


user id (text, r/o) : User ID.

username (text, r/o) : Username.

name (text, r/o) : Username of the user.

full name (text, r/o) : Full name.

website url (text, r/o) : URL of the user.

bio (text, r/o) : Bio.

protected (boolean, r/o) : Protected.

verified (boolean, r/o) : Verified.

profile image url (text, r/o) : Profile Image URL.

number of followers (integer, r/o) : Number of people following the user.

number of following (integer, r/o) : Number of people the user is following.

number of statuses (integer, r/o) : Number of statuses by the user.

number of favorites (integer, r/o) : Number of favorites by the user.

creation date (date, r/o) : Date the user was created.

statusn, pl statuses : Represents a status.


contains links; contained by streams.


status id (text, r/o) : Tweet status ID.

name (text, r/o) : Name of status, the status DI.

text (text) : Text of the tweet.

display text (text) : Text of the tweet, with display URLs.

date (date) : Date of the tweet.

author (user) : Author of the tweet.

location (location) : Location attached to the tweet

retweeter (user) : Retweeter of the tweet.

url (text) : URL of the tweet

link n : Link attached to a tweet


contained by statuses.


name (text, r/o) : Display name of the link.

display url (text, r/o) : URL of the link, as should be displayed to the user.

url (text) : URL of the link

expanded url (text) : Expanded URL of the link.

location n : Location attached to a tweet.


name (text, r/o) : Lat/long as text.

latitude (number, r/o) : Latitude

longitude (number, r/o) : Longitude

stream n : A timeline of statuses.


contains statuses.


name (text, r/o) : Name of the stream.

last update (date)

Pretty interesting list of functions, definitely enough to create some integration with. My wheels are spinning

Find your seats bookmarklet

So this is very special bookmarklet for TCU’s Rose Bowl tickets ordered through Go Frogs, it enables the link they hide to allow you to see your ticket information.

All you need to do is drag the link below into your Bookmark Bar or right-click the link and choose Add to Bookmarks. Once this is done go to your Order History and then click this bookmark.

Ticket Information link v2

*A special thanks to Ben Alman for the generator allowing me to quickly create this bookmarklet

My Review of Roku HD Player

Originally submitted at Roku

The new HD, with built-in wireless, delivers top value in high-definition streaming.

Not bad, sound drops through HDMI though

By Ryan from Ft. Worth, TX on 12/8/2010


3out of 5

Pros: Built in Wi-Fi, Easy to use, High quality picture, Compact

Cons: Inconsistent performance, Audio over HDMI issues

Best Uses: Secondary TV, Living room, Bedroom

Describe Yourself: Casual User, Early adopter, Netflix fan, Power User, Technophile

The only ‘ding’ against the unit is the problems I’m having with the Audio over HDMI. I can’t narrow it down yet but I end up having to reboot the Roku to get sound back.


Moving to fast

Life has been a handful lately. New Job, new family, new experiences. The job is going good, love the place I work, the people are awesome. I forgot what it is like to work with such good people. Family is great, my new son, Carter, is a handful and I’m loving every moment of it. I’m reaching out and helping in the programming community, which is a good feeling. It gets me out there meeting new people and experiencing new things, we can’t grow if we don’t step outside our box.

All of this is keeping me moving 90-to-nothing. I love it and hate it at the same time. Sometimes though we need to slow down and enjoy the smaller things. The luxuries in life God has given us, no matter how big or small. We are around such a short time that if we don’t enjoy it then it was a waste. No matter where you are at, what you are doing, how much you make or how much you own. Stop, look around and be thankful.

Note: This was a random post of what was on my head. Need to find time to write more about what I find in technology, just no time :)

Loss of civilities on the web

This is more of ramble then a complete thought, but I’ve notice more and more people seem to lose context when interacting with others on the web. Some lose the meaning of how a statement was suppose to be read, some lose touch with reality and think because they are behind a screen and some wires they don’t have to be civil. It’s really quite strange.

In this day and age we are becoming more and more digital, while this is obvious, stop and think about how much communication you DON’T do face to face. I don’t for myself, there is quite a bit. Between EMail, IM, Facebook, Twitter, Blog post, forums and message boards. I spend a lot of my day interacting with people that I might have never seen before. And I am 100% guilty of forgetting that the person on the other side might not have my sense of humor, or understand how I meant for that last sentence to be taken. I am especially bad at this when I am working on a few different things at once. I become very short and to the point. I say what needs to be said and then move on. I’ve been called on this several times, even a few times from my manager.

While this is obviously important in the work place, I think it is less obvious but even more important to remember this when interacting day to day online. I see people ask harmless questions and then just get belittled for asking that question or sometimes it was just the wording of the question.

While there isn’t a way to prevent this from happening all the time, we can all take small steps that will make a large difference. When you are posting something, remember that the person on the other side doesn’t see the context in which you are writing it. They can see you small or laugh knowing it is a joke. When you are reading something, make sure your current mood isn’t affecting how you interrupt the message. Don’t immediately assume the worse.

Just remember, on the other side is another human, if you wouldn’t say it to them in person, do say it on the internet!

New addition to our Family – Carter Thomas

Well the last 48 hours have been very crazy, but very satisfying. We welcomed into this world at 1:53 am on August 20, Carter Thomas, our first son. Everyone is healthy and doing well. He is a bit earlier, but was born at 7 lbs 5 oz and at 19in long. He is already beginning to hold his head up and is amazing the nurses every time they come in. We should be able to go home this afternoon. The house is wreck but luckily the nursery is put together. It is almost as if a new life for me is about to start. I’m excited and scared at the same time.

Android in the car

I can’t believe this hasn’t been explored more, and there hasn’t been more right ups about it. A quick google search shows one auto manufacturer putting Android OS in the car. Ford has the Microsoft Sync, which isn’t really their mobile OS, but seems to be more of a voice control system. But as of today, all the auto makers from Ford to BMW seem to be putting their own software in their systems.

I recently was sitting in a 2011 Chevy … excuse me … Chevrolet Avalanche, and their display system was horrible. The graphic elements in it where ugly, the UI was horrible, and the navigation pretty much sucked. It was pretty much a bad experience all together.

Why do people try and re-invent the wheel? Well, they think they can do it better. And if people didn’t try we would be stuck with Windows ME all over again, competition drives innovation. So the better question is why do car makers go off and try to dapple in software development, and if it is outsourced, why not go with something people are familiar with. Imagine the iOS for your in car navigation and audio needs. The Google Android OS lends itself to this situation so much better. It’s open source and free. Car manufacturers could work with Google or work with outside companies to get the applications they need that are specific to their cars, but you would have Google Maps for your navigation system, you would have all the capabilities and audio features you have in your phone, in your car.

Are the two really that different. Do you do that anything that is that much different in your car than on your phone, not really. You listen to music, type in directions, and customize the settings of the phone. The only thing that immediately crosses my mind would be the A/C system … coming from a computer background, with the proper interfaces that is an easy addition to write.

It almost makes seems like a no-brainer .. which makes my wonder why that haven’t done it yet, or what I am missing.

Quit bitching about the iPhone 4 and the fall of Apple!

This is a rant about rants, I apologize, but I can’t take it anymore. The iPhone 4 is not a failure, it is not Windows ME, or Vista or the single mouse button failure from the 90′s. This isn’t to say that the iPhone 4 doesn’t have some problems, obvisiouly it does. But welcome to being a zero-day adopter. Apple pushed out a all new design and a major upgrade to the OS. When OS X was released, there where rough edges all over the place, but it didn’t break Apple, and neither will this.

Think about it, there where 1.7 Million sales within 3 days of the launch. 1.7 Million. Think about it for a minute … Yeah, that’s a lot of devices. Of course there are going to be problems with anything new, especially electronic devices, and the people you are going to hear from most are the ones that have problems. What people fail to realize are there are many many many more people, such as my wife and myself, who have Zero (0, nill, none, nada, no) problems what-so-ever with their phone. We have no new software problems, no hardware problems. And neither of us are affected by the antenna issue.

I think some , if not most of it, are bloggers trying to ‘ride the wave’. They are playing on the ‘fears’ of consumers to drive people to their blog’s and follow them on twitter. WAKE UP. Follow someone who can write something relevant and original. I’m not saying I’m that person, I’m far from it. But stop spreading the FUD.

The iPhone4, in my eyes, is revolutionary. The build quality of the phone is outstanding. It feels solid when holding it. Performance is amazing, both with software and web access. And, most importantly, it works as a phone. If you haven’t seen the display on this thing, you are doing yourself a dis-service. The ‘retina’ display is simply amazing. Apple wasn’t first to market with a 320 pixel-per-inch display. But they where the first to put it in a quality phone, with a quality os, and market the hell out of it.

Stop crying, stop complaining. The iPhone 4 wasn’t a failure, it isn’t going to cripple Apple, and it wasn’t a bundle of mistakes.

Just upgraded my first VPS with

It was pretty cool, and I’m not going to lie, i was nervous. I went through and bought another node. I scheduled the storage upgrade to happen in a few days b/c all I really needed was the extra ram.

I went through and purchase screen, then the server stopped, upgraded and restarted. In less then 3 minutes I had my VPS back up, now with two nodes worth of resources. While this really isn’t anything too earth shattering, it sure is nice when things “Just Work”. Too often people don’t mention when this happens, but was happy things worked as expected.

In three days the server will go through and upgrade it’s storage, so that wil be another test, but I am sure it will work without any problems (though I am using their snapshot backups just in case)